Part 2, excerpt from Meditation: The First and Last Freedom, by Osho.  “Growing into Meditation”

I am not saying that you should exist without language.  You will have to use it, but the mechanism of verbalization must be a mechanism that you can turn on and off.  When you are existing as a social being, the mechanism of language is needed.  Without it you cannot exist in society.  But when you are alone with existence, the mechanism must be turned off; you must be able to turn it off.  If you can’t turn it off, the mechanism has gone mad.  If you can’t turn it off–if it goes on and on, and you are incapable of turning it off, then the mechanism has taken hold of you.  You have become a slave to it.  Mind must be an instrument, not the master.

When mind is the master, a non-meditative state exists.  When you are the master, then your consciousness is the master, and a meditative state exists.  So meditation means mastering the mechanism, becoming a master to the mechanism. 

Mind is not the ultimate.  You are beyond it, and existence is beyond it.    Language must be dropped.  I don’t mean that you must push it aside, that you must suppress it or eliminate it.  What I mean is that something which is needed in society has become a twenty-four-hour-a-day habit for you and it is not needed as such.

When you walk, you need to move your legs but they must not move when you are sitting.  If your legs go on moving while you are sitting then you are mad, then the legs have gone insane.  You must be able to turn them off.  In the same way, when you are not talking with anyone, language must not be there.

If you are able to do this–and it is possible if you understand it–then you can grow into meditation.  I say “you can grow” because life processes are never dead additions, they are always a growing process.  So meditation is a growing process, not a technique.  A technique is always dead; it can be added to you, but a process is always living.  It grows, it expands.

Language is needed, it is necessary, but you must not always remain in it.  There must be moments when you are existential and there is no verbalizing.  When you just exist, it is not that you are just vegetating-consciousness is there, and it is more acute, more alive, because language dulls consciousness.  Language is a repeitition, existence is not.

When you see a rose, it is not a repetition.  It is a new rose, altogether new.  It has never been and it will never be again.  For the first time and the last time, it is there.  But when we say this is a rose, the word ‘rose’ is a repetition:  it has always been there.  It will always be there. 

Existence is always young, and language is always old. Meditation means living, living totally and you can live totally only when you are silent. By being silent I do not mean being unconscious.  You can be silent and unconscious but that would not be a living silence.