From my book, Yoga for Women.  Seems like a good time to bring this one out.  Thanks to Yogi Bhajan for offering this and so many amazing Kundalini Yoga treasures!

Before practicing this meditation, drink a glass of pure water, preferably at room temperature.  Emotions and the need for water and intricately connected.  When there is an imbalance of water in the system and the kidneys are pressurized, there is a tendency toward anxiety and upset behavior.

1. Sit in Easy pose.  Straighten the spine and keep the chest lifted throughout the meditation.  Place your arms across your chest and lock your hands under your armpits with the palms open and against the body.  The thumbs may be outside the armpits.

2.  Raise your shoulders up toward your earlobes as far as possible and hold them there.  Apply the neck lock by contracting back on the neck and throat.  The chin is pulled in, and the cervical vertebrae are in alignment with the spine.  Maintain the neck lock throughout the meditation.  Close your eyes.  Your breath will automatically become slow.  Begin with 3 minutes of practice, gradually increasing the time to 11 minutes.

This meditation is very good for women, and is essential at times when one is worried, upset, doesn’t know what to do, or is on the verge of rage.  The combination of drinking water, followed by applying pressure at the armpits with the raised shoulders and neck lock applied creates a tight lock on the entire upper area.   Combined with the natural slowing of the breath rate, this locked posture forms an automatic “brake” that is applied to the brain.  The brain cannot continue its previous pattern of thinking, and within a short amount of time will restore itself to balance.

From Yoga for Women, by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Dorling Kindersley Pub.