After decades of disciplined yoga and meditation practice, for some time now it has been a soft intent of mine to find meditation everywhere. To be present, awake, and happy as often as possible…to live fully.  Lately I have found a simple practice that brings me into a meditative process of beauty, softness, and focus…coloring mandalas.

Recently my family made a special pilgrimage to India.  Intuitively, I slipped my mandala coloring book into my duffel along with prisma-color pencils and a sharpener.  And just as I had imagined, I used this soft therapy/meditative process quite a bit in-between all the keep up spirit of trekking in the Himalayas, as well as to slough off the in-your-face quality of city life in India. Horns constantly beeping, putt-putt motors, dirt and grime,  cows, ox, stray dogs, and trash everywhere….yet somehow it all works in India.  It’s all part of the flow.

The realization of India’s flow, and my own flow came much easier as I took quiet time to sit outside my room at our quaint guest house.  I listened to the many different sounds of birds, and the soft scratching of color against color in the creation of India-inspired mandalas.  There was nothing for me to do but pick the next shade and blend it with the rest of the unfolding scene.  From black lines on white paper to this….a satisfying expression of self in the moment.

If mandala coloring appeals to you, check out the simple and lovely coloring books that Monique Mandali creates.  Great for children, but also for us adults, as I can testify to.  And this simple video will put you in the mood to get your colored pencils out…Enjoy with my blessings!