Revitalizing myself after a truly beautiful experience of hosting and teaching in the Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour Immersion.  I wanted to honor the experience through telling about the crescendo event of the training—teaching yoga at the local middle school summer camp.  All twelve of the wonderful women who came to the training piled into cars for our “field trip”–a  fun and loving yoga session with about 28 eager children of different abilities.  We tuned in with Ong Namo in the large gym, then each one effortlessly found themselves with one, two or three of the children as their helpers and  cheerleaders.  Each group took some time to come up with a yoga pose to demo, then everyone else tried it.  One boy with Down’s Syndrome was determined to do tree, first with one foot on the calf…then when he demonstrated it with hand support from his “person”, he spontaneously brought his foot all the way to his thigh!  This was a boy who at first didn’t seem to understand anything we said, but who showed everyone his true focused self.

The fun and innovative postures and exercises flowed one after the other, and with such creativity.  We all laughed at one boy who flipped himself over from cow pose to his back to show us “possum” pose–paws up in the air and trembling.  It gave everyone a chance to relax and be silly, or focused on balancing, or letting out energy in a big lion roar (from  the inspiring, sunny boy who did all his yoga from a wheelchair).

After we created a huge human sunflower with petals opening slowly in the sun, we ended the class by playing a game, the Web of Life.  One person held a piece of the ball of yarn and tossed the rest of it to a friend across the circle as he or she thought of that person with love and appreciation.  Each child did the same as the web took on definition.  It was also fun to figure out how to toss the ball so it didn’t get stuck in the web we were creating.  At the end, some of the children asked for a piece of the yarn to tie on their wrists as a memento of the experience.

If I could sum up the experience of the 200 hour, I couldn’t do it better than to remember the fun, focused FLOW of that yoga class.  Heartful, touching, lively, and most definitely in the FLOW.  Thanks to all who added their energy to this experience, special appreciation to the Radiant Child Family Yoga student-teachers, and to the beautiful children.  You can see photos here, on Radiant Child Yoga Facebook page.