“Since returning home from Radiant Child Family Yoga Teacher Training, I have deepened my daily yoga and meditation practice.  It seems funny to even call it a daily practice; it’s more like it spreads through and penetrates my days and who I am. 
Rising earlier in the morning and creating more diverse and varied practices, then I did before the training, keeps me focused more on what I need and want to keep me living in higher vibrations.  The higher vibration then allows me to meet life feeling more fulfilled and with less resistance to the challenges.  I find myself hitting the “EASY” button much more often and smiling and laughing with acknowledgment when I do so! 
images-4I am also much more in touch and in tune with my neutral mind.  My dedication to my Self has greatly increased, which leads me to really working (because I feel so worth it!) more deeply with the last four limbs of yoga, which relate to deeper stages of the meditative mind.  I find I had been naturally drawing to them previous to the training, though they have just expanded for me since then.  I am finding it much more effortless.  Maybe that is just because it feels more natural to be in my alignment. 
 The Happily Ever Now training served as a rocket booster to how I have already been living my everyday life.  The way I think about, see and feel things, as well as how I approach challenges.  It validated and reinforced why I want to continue embracing life in each moment with higher vibrations; knowing how each moment feeds the next, the next day, and on and on into the future, which is then the next moment….creating an uplifting Life.  Thus my plans for the future come from each moment, so I try not to jump ahead but rather live each moment to the fullest. nature-nature
In each moment I want to connect with my higher, natural Self (Love) so that I am living from my authenticity.  And from that place, I can see what doors open in me and around me, as I embrace the experiences with an open heart and open mind using my power to create Love and Life. 
Since, our training my husband and I have been traveling quite a bit by invitation, which we have not done before in such a short amount of time.  Doors opening!!  Each experience has been wonderful and uplifting.  As for challenges, this week our eldest grandson (8 years old) is in the hospital with an unknown health issue.  This challenges me to practice being in this uplifted vibration for the benefit of All.  I notice my outlook and the way I want to–and am– handling things that come up is very different then the past.  It is quite refreshing, and I feel like I am a much better support to myself, my husband, and our family.  I am more and more energized and motivated to , as you, Shakta, said in one of your 2011 blogs “take the party outside of myself”.  This feels so “right” and like such a gift that I am ready to open to the universe.  Much gratitude.”
 Tammy B.images