Learning Lab Materials

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Pre Coursework

These videos will help set the tone for your learning and give you a little glimpse into some of the tools that we will be using.


  1. Welcome to RCY Teacher Training (3:56): https://vimeo.com/createcalm/review/837022885/5b48e7d622
  2. Meet RCY’s FounderMeet the Founder of Radiant Child and listen to a conversation about what you will get out of the training (18-min): https://vimeo.com/814695181/b89e4c1ab9
  3. Tension Tamers –  A short yoga practice with Lisa Danahy (22 min):


  4. Helping Children Trust Their Natural Guidance: A Story (8:34):  https://vimeo.com/createcalm/review/837021416/240b18c7e7
  5. Kids Yoga Class Management Using Breath Focus (2:08): https://vimeo.com/createcalm/review/837021085/4ea9ce20c1

Radiant Child Yoga Music

Digital downloads of these four CDs will soon be available directly on this Learning Lab. In the meantime, please click each CD name below to access the download:


Yoga in Motion DVD

On this DVD you will find 21 of your favorite RCY songs put to movement!

We hope to have these videos available for direct access on this Learning Lab soon.

For immediate viewing, go to  Yoga In Motion Video Files

You may also find these “How  To” tutorial videos useful.

To access the Yoga in Motion and tutorial videos, enter the password RCY.

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