Walking today, recovering from intensive massage that had opened up some closed and creaky doors in my lower back and hips.  Suddenly the thought occurs to lift my chest, naturally engaging the abdominals.  Just as suddenly, the lower back and hips fall into a natural place, acting like a back and hips should act while walking.


With thanks to Joma Sipe, from his book Soul of LIght

The phrase, “Lead with your heart”, whispers out of me.  I think of the Diamond Necklace analogy that the women in one of my Radiant Child Yoga trainings used as part of their presentation.  They presented a yoga class for pre-teen girls and one of the key teachings was; “Now girls, remember you are wearing a beautiful diamond necklace.  How would you sit or stand, how would you walk while wearing this diamond necklace?”  Immediately every person in the class lifted her chest.  As a reminder, the instructor occasionally would say, “Girls…diamond necklace!”,  and everyone again would remember to lift the heart center.

Still walking, still leading with my heart, I remember the amazing new facts about the relationship between the heart and brain, learned recently from Dr. Carla Hannaford’s book, Playing in the Unified Field:

“According to neuro-anatomist, Andrew Armour, there are more nerves going from the heart to the brain, rather than the other way around.

The heart signals the brain regarding chemical levels, heart rate, pain, coherence and incoherence within the environment and even emotions.  All the neurotransmitters found in the brain are also found in the heart. The heart actually appears to have its own sensitivity to the world, and exhibits that with intelligence, to the extent that the brain energetically revolves around the heart, and not the other way around.

The heart generates an electromagnetic energy field (EMF) that is 60 times greater than the field of the brain (as measured externally by a SQUID*).  It is the largest EMF within the body system, extending 8-16 feet around the body.

People’s hearts, as powerful transmitters are constantly sending out light and electromagnetic wave fields.  The physical “antennae” able to pick up these waves is the entire body with its sensory apparatus and huge heart field.”

And now, re-reading this excerpt, the significance of leading with the heart has new meaning.  It is ACTUAL AND FACTUAL that we lead from the heart, anatomically and energetically speaking.  So much power is added to that process when we make it a conscious realization.

So girls and guys…we do have a HUGE diamond necklace that we wear all the time.  It is called our heart center.  So…remember your diamond necklace and show it off!

And stand up…walk forward…

leading with the heart…today and beyond.


Ways to experience Leading with the Heart:

Kundalini Yoga to Balance the Head and Heart:  Yoga Set with Shakta leading on You Tube

The Universe….in your Heart (course in Long Branch NJ, coming to other areas of the US, call 888-561-2126 for more info)

Playing in the Unified Field, Dr. Carla Hannaford

* SQUID: Superconducting Quantum Interference Device