Kundalini Yoga For Women

Taught by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, based on her book “Yoga For Women”

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Women will help you stay young and healthy, radiating joy. It will strengthen and balance your most important body systems, including:

  • Glandular system – which controls your moods
  • The Spine – circulates energy and spinal fluid to keep you young
  • Nervous system – promotes calmness and clarity

In Yoga for Women with Shakta, you will experience:

  • Invigorating yoga that creates mental and emotional balance
  • Help with PMS/monthly cycle, osteoporosis and menopause
  • Healthy breast care through yoga and yogic remedies
  • Meditation designed for women, including a graceful meditative “dance” that relaxes the brain and finely tunes the senses
  • Yogic remedies and recipes especially for women.
  • The Angel Walk–to bring out goodness and love from the heart
  • Guided meditation to bring you to shunia, the place of inner peace

Yoga for Women


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