Mari Stonestreet is a Radiant Child Yoga 200 hour teacher living in Japan.  She has family yoga classes weekly and lots of fun and important ideas for her classes.  The children and their parents have fun doing yoga together.  Then…they do meditative, heart-opening art.  Here’s one project, in Mari’s words:

“This project was part of my random acts of kindness family yoga class. I used river stones of various shapes and sizes, and painted them white on one side. These stones are dark and painting them white  makes it easier to write on with bright colors. I painted them the night before class using multi-surface white acrylic paint, which dries very quickly.

In class we discussed what a random act of kindness was, and how they could make someone feel. I gave examples of kind words you could say, ones they could write on their stones as well. However, you’ll find that they come up with many kind words of their very own. I told them of my vision of a person who’s had a difficult day walking down a path and finding stones that say “Smile” and “Be Happy”, and how making these simple suggestions could really change this person’s day. With that in mind, I asked some of the students if they would like to share what they would like to put on their stones. It’s lovely to hear them say it out loud, but some wanted to keep it to themselves until it was on their stone. That was okay too.

I placed the stones in the center of our class. I asked one student to pick a stone for another student, then I had a different student do the same for another and so on. I had the children choose first, and then the parents. I then provided permanent markers of various colors, and let them get creative with their stones. Once complete we then returned the stones to the center of the room and did our relaxation and meditation.

Afterwards, we all picked up our stones, and walked outside around out area. We placed the stones near paths and in areas where people frequent. All I could think about was how these families, these ambassadors of peace, have made another step towards sharing love and kindness with world.”

Thank you Mari, for being a light in this world!  You can find Mari’s work at Chibi Yogi on Facebook.