Lucia D.  attended the Radiant Child Yoga training that took place in Millis MA.  She kindly gave me permission to share her insights from the training.   The journaling process she refers to is part of the Radiant Child Yoga Level 1-2 manual.  It is included at the end. Feel free to use it to clarify your vision of living with children consciously as well as teaching children yoga.

“Overall, I feel that my first class went well. Practicing some of the suggested journaling from the Level 1-2 training manual prior to my first class really seemed to help. In doing so, I was able to recognize my fears of what could go wrong and most importantly discover why I want to teach Yoga to children and what I hope to accomplish. Having faced those fears and having my purpose in mind, I feel that I was better able to ease into the class. I realized that it was all about us having a fun, enjoyable and safe experience. Safe, not just as in no one physically getting hurt, but also as in no one is emotionally compromised.”  Lucia D.

Journaling in Relation to Children

It is suggested that you make a quiet time and space to journal as often as you feel the need.  The questions below may be helpful starting points.  Take some time to write honestly from your innermost self.

Serving Spirit

Why do you really want to be with children? How does it serve your spirit? How do you envision your work with children serving their spirit?

Dream on Paper

Create a story/scenario in which you are being with children in the way that you would like to. Feel the feelings, see the scenes, and write about how you and the children respond to each other.

Transforming Challenges

Allow fears, obstacles, and hurts, to come to the surface in relationship to working with and being with children. Include, if appropriate for you, the idea of starting classes with children, transitioning into new careers with children, working with difficult children, or anything that comes up that could be blocking you from living your dream in relation to children.

Allow each of the challenges to just be there, and watch them. Then write about them from the place of watching. Use your breath to help you remain in a space of allowing all that comes forward as you write.

Gaining Insight

By allowing and watching our thoughts and feelings, new insights evolve. Write about any insights that have evolved for you today.

Blessing yourself and children

Affirm your own special gifts, and how those gifts bless children. You may choose to re-affirm them daily, out loud or silently.

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You

All Love Surround You 

And the Pure Light Within You 

Guide Your Way On 

Sat Nam

And may you be blessed in your dedication to

 the spirit of children, the future of our world.