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Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly, a practicing psychotherapist for more than 15 years, and founder of The Center for Family Well-Being, a holistic psychotherapy practice in Washington, DC, integrates her passion for kids, teens and families with her devotion to yoga, meditation, and other mindful awareness practices with more traditional Western forms of psychotherapy.

Inspired by her love of yoga, meditation, and the mind-body connection, Kate created Girls In Tune mind-body groups for tween and teen girls to develop, nurture, and strengthen their innate capacities for “tuning in” to their bodies, minds, and hearts.

“Radiant Child Yoga — particularly the 200 hr. teacher training — gave me the tools to embody my practice more fully with confidence and wisdom,” says Kate. “Steeped in the tradition and discipline of Kundalini yoga, Shakta and her trainers modeled for me how embodying our practice every day truly allows us to become the energy and wisdom we wish to transmit to all the beautiful ‘big souls in little bodies ‘ we serve. I am forever grateful! “