It All Fits

Excerpt from my new still-in-the-works book about Radiant Children, Radiant Families

Beginning in 2001 and for several years afterward, there were cathartic changes in my life, particularly in my relationship to the spiritual path I had been on for almost three decades. The after-shock of these changes reverberated in my marriage, family, and life work, and still do, to some degree. I have felt myself to be in the middle of a metamorphosis much like the worm that doesn’t know that it will become a butterfly, but somehow keeps following its instinct to change, even though it means the dissolution of everything it had ever known.

During the intense changes of the early part of this millennium, there was one idea–a kind of a mantra–that came to me spontaneously over and over again.  It soothed me and helped me deal with the overwhelming panic I felt at times.  It held center for me, and gave me trust that the metamorphosis was for the best. The mantra I told myself was: It All Fits.   A simple statement that let me know that whatever life presented to me was part of the change.

In trusting that It All Fits, I saw that there were no mistakes.  I became compassionate toward myself as well as others.   Through trial and error, I was learning to choose the possibilities that felt good and right for me. Even something that seemed like a “mistake” was not.   I could see it as a benevolent mentor as it was helping me to decide how I wanted to move forward from that point onward.   This subtle difference in how I viewed life was instrumental in creating a smooth transition during that time of great upheaval.

Trusting that everything that appears fits, even simply because it IS, helped me in countless ways.  It allowed challenges to show their silver lining of  opportunity.  It helped me to understand that I must own everything that happens to me simply because it IS.

Then I discovered a further treasure–by accepting–owning– whatever has happened, an inner power to create change emerged from within me.   Alternatively, life circumstances changed, as though the entire Universe conspired to create positive change without any outward action on my part.

After many years of learning to love these spiritual lessons, my life, family, and work are intact in brand new ways since trusting that “It All Fits.”

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Shakta is an AMS certified Montessori teacher, and the author of five well-known Yoga books, CDs and DVDs. Her latest book, The Yoga Way to Radiance: How to Follow Your Inner Guidance and Nurture Children to do the Same, is scheduled for release in summer of 2016, (Llewellyn Worldwide)   Visit Shakta's Writing and Poetry Site


  1. Lisa Flynn February 9, 2012 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Thanks for sharing. My mantra is ‘Have Faith.’ Means essentially the same thing. It really does all fit if we allow the space and time and release any attachments to how we think things should go. We are really looking forward to having you at ChildLight Yoga Studio here in Dover, NH (boston area) to share the Yoga For Differently-Abled Chlldren Training in March!

    • radiantchildyoga February 11, 2012 at 2:08 pm - Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to add to this blog post, Lisa. I know how busy it gets! But it is fun to dialog about things of the spirit….I am a philosopher at heart, and a practical Virgo by nature, hence the focus on spirit and tools–very similar to you! blessings and looking very forward to seeing you in March. Shakta

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      “The idea is to unconditionally acknowledge, accept, and love all points of view, recognize what your preference is, live that way, and you have at that moment the absolute ability to create the reality you prefer.” Bashar

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