Today I leave for India on a yattra, or pilgrimage, with my husband, Kartar, and son, Ram Das.  We will go to the holy Golden Temple and meditate in the prayerful energy.  We will buy wonderful and inexpensive Indian made goods…meditation shawls, kurtas (tunics), Tibetan singing bowls, and many more treasures.  And the biggest treasure, and reason for the yattra, is that we will go to Hemkunt Sahib, a Sikh shrine in the Himalayan  Mountains, 15000 feet up.

Ram Das and I have been there, my trip was in 1988.  I remember the last 5 hours of climbing uphill…one foot in front of the other, stopping for a breath every few steps, walking in the misty white clouds, until you at last come upon the frozen lake.  I remember the icy plunge that is part of the yattra.  No ability to breathe for 15 seconds or so, then suddenly the body and lungs are on fire.  The Sikh Master, Guru Gobind Singh, who live centuries ago, is so alive at Hemkunt Sahib, his breath is your breath in the icy inhale and exhale.

This yattra is planned purposefully without internet or phone.  Any insights, dreams and meditations that are worth reading will be penned as I walk for several days up, and several days down, inhaling and exhaling with my dear family along…Wahe Guru! as the Sikhs say–God is Everywhere!