hopeoffutureYogi Bhajan, a powerful and unique spiritual teacher, was a source of guidance and inspiration for me from 1976 onward. Wisdom flowed from his mouth and from his actions at every moment.

One day in 1994, Yogi Bhajan was passing through a crowd of hundreds when he stopped in his tracks as he passed me and my three year-old son.  In one second he felt the energy of the soul who was this youngster, and turned to me, saying, “He needs martial arts.  Get him into a class.”  And with a look that told me he was clearly seeing something deeper than I was, he was on his way.  Needless to say, our son was the youngest in that martial arts class, and kept up with the best of them for many years afterwards.  The training helped channel his strong energy and gave him a focused challenge.

SK Photo 7Just this last weekend I had an all-new appreciation for the words of Yogi Bhajan as we finished the level 3 section of Radiant Child Yoga training.  Within this particular section, we get to experience a heightened connection with the Soul of the Child, and our own soul connection as well.

Though Yogi Bhajan was complex and often subtle, he most often addressed things quite head-on.  One of his quotes from the RCY teacher training manual stood out for me this weekend:

“Children are not pets, property, or possessions, but are the future and hope of the planet.  They have strengths which need to be encouraged and weaknesses which need to be channeled or positively used.  They need the inspiration of the parents’ life example, not so much by words or shows.”

The martial arts phase that our son experienced was a way of channeling his strong energy in a positive way.  I still see the effect of that experience reverberating in his life as a young adult.  Though our son is a young adult, I know there are many times when Yogi Bhajan’s words are just as important now, as it was then.

In what ways can you channel your children (or your students) into positive expressions?  Can you give yourself and your child the experience of non-attachment and see what happens?

Let me know…leave a message here if you like!