I use books as teachers.  I have some that speak to the inner part of me, and I use them as part of my meditation time.  This morning’s book is from one of my spiritual teachers, Bashar.  The feeling came to share this section….

“Allow yourselves to feel that change is the true constant in creation.  The true stable foundation of existence is constant change–so that it does not stagnate, so that it is ever perpetuating.  Creation is not over.  It is not that everything has already been created and now God has sent everything off to run around and have fun.  You are all and we are all, together, God ever creating Itself anew, ever changing and always existing.

You have created the ability to take one thing and separate it into not only more than one thing, but even separate it into things that look like they have nothing to do with each other.  Most creative,exceedingly creative–and I am not being facetious.  It is the true measure of the power of creation that it can even, so to speak, fool itself into thinking it is not a part of that creation, into forgetting that it is what it is… that it is I Am.  That is the power of creativity.

Now, however, you have played that game through on the world in the way you wanted to do so, and now you are remembering I Am.  We Are. We are waking up.  “Oh yes, I remember now..  well, that was a fun game.  But now we wish to remember.  We wish to play as integrated whole beings now.”

And so you are remembering; so you  are gathering; so you are discussing ideas of consciousness:  What is consciousness?  What is physicality?  What is dreaming?  What is being awake?  All of these things will be understood to be simply manifestations of one thing:  your own perspective.  You are waking up.  Good morning!

from Bashar:  Blueprint for Change, Channeled by Darryl Anka, Compiled by Luana Ewing