Hi Friends, Some tips from my 45 years of teaching experience. Not all of these will apply in all circumstances, but I think you’ll find some good tips here!  

You’re Welcome 😉

  • Tune in with your students and feel the sound holding the space
  • Begin with warm-ups, especially for the spine, hamstrings, shoulders, neck
  • Keep the warm-ups similar from week to week
  • Choose one artist that you are familiar with and coordinate the movement of the yoga with the pace of the music
  • Watch your students, and occasionally close your eyes at times to feel your way into the energy of the class
  • Demonstrate the yoga long enough for them to really get it, and for you to get it too.
  • Have several ideas of what you want to lead, and choose the one that flows the best with the energy of the class. You will have time to determine this if you start with warm ups and save the main focus of the class until after the stretches/warm ups.
  • Give tidbits of helpful information and inspiration along the way, as well as a dose of humor.
  • Ask them to feel how they are feeling after each exercise/pose.
  • Let them sit for a moment to acknowledge and notice the changes in the body and mind.
  • Give them the idea that they can call on this feeling anytime; that they contain it within them.
  • Give them inspiration to have a daily practice, even if they start modest and add to it as they are able.
  • Let yourself really enjoy the class as much as they do. They can feel that, and you will have inspired yourself as well as them.
  • How they feel is what they will remember, so continually draw them into the inner world for discovery.
  • Leave time at the end for questions, comments, and clear out slowly so those who want to speak to your privately have that opportunity.
  • Have focus on breath, give details for using the breath, remind them that breath is 50% of what they are doing in yoga, it is not just about the postures/exercises.
  • Have clear, meditative endings to each pose. Inhaling….exhaling, and relax.
  • Allow the effects of each pose/exercise to settle before moving on. Give a few seconds for people to get into the next posture.
  • Make sure to have a well-defined and consistent ending to the class, whether it is chanting or singing the Long Time Sun Song, or a moment of silence and honoring of self and others.

Recognize that they have helped you to create the class with the energy they have brought to the class. Allow them to know that you know it is a co-creative experience.

And thank them.