“Meridian are rivers of energy that flow through your body.”  I quote from Lee Holden, my long-distance Qi Gong teacher (www.exercisetoheal.com).  I saw his program on PBS once, and ever since have been doing his videos as part of my morning sadhana practice.

In Kundalini Yoga (which goes really well with Qi Gong by the way), we utilize meridians and acupressure points in the body to stimulate different effects. There are yoga sets of all types…from balancing the head and heart to giving the liver a boost. (Ref. my book, Kundalini Yoga).  The body is pressurized along these “rivers of energy” in very specific and ingenious ways, all to the credit of my teacher,  Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga (wwwkundaliniyoga.com).

For example, pulling the hands  back so the palms are flat, pressurizes the wrists, accessing the many pressure points along the wrist.  This activate meridians in the arms up to different parts of the brain.  That particular move (arms up straight in a Y shape, palms flat) combined with Breath of Fire (bellows breath through the nose), will energize you when you need it, and in 3 minutes flat!

The more you know about these different systems–Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Acupuncture–the more you see the synergy of them.  I love finding how the dots connect, don’t you?