In response to the question above, Karen Dabrosca, a graduate from our Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour teacher training, and a long-time health and well-being high school teacher, responded eloquently to the question I presented.  So with her permission, here is her response:

“How do you live in your high heart, not your emotional heart?”

imgres-1I place I high priority on living a lifestyle that keeps me centered & grounded . We are all human and get caught up in the whirlwind and responsibilities of living on this fast paced planet. However, certain daily practices are essential to living a healthy, vibrant life. They are: yoga, meditation, being in nature, creativity, being in community with likeminded folks and of course eating good, “real” food. When the body is supported in these ways, the heart has a stable home.

These are my daily practices. This is living in my “high heart”.

On the other hand, issues & events of being human, which we all have, are our lessons along the path.   They help us learn and grow. They are teaching tools on the bigger journey. Without the stable foundation created by the above practices, we attach and gravitate to each event as it unfolds. We react as if everything is a crisis. Chaos. This, to me, is living in the “emotional heart”. Our reactivity and emotions drive our behavior which blows like branches in the wind; changing directions, soft, strong until finally a big enough breeze causes the branch to snap.

A physical touchstone taught to me by a local yoga teacher is this:   right middle finger touches the center of the chest, a reminder to live in the “high heart”.

Which “heart” do you choose?imgres