According to the science of yoga, youth is measured by how vibrant and healthy the glandular system is. In Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a master who came from India in the late 1960’s, and who establish a system for living in health, happiness, and wholeness, one of the best things you can do in the morning is take a cold shower.

I often take a warm shower first to get clean and to relax muscles, then end with a 2 minute in-and-out massaging cold shower.  It gets you ready for yoga…and everything else that your day may present!

In the words of Yogi B: “When you are under the cold shower, your body will feel the cold.  But if given enough time, the blood and capillaries will open to the maximum and the body will not feel cold.  If you bring your body to that temperature where it can meet the cold by its own circulatory power, you have won the day.  You have empowered your own health and happiness.”


OIL: First massage your body with pure oil, almond is preferred for its high mineral content.  The oil will be driven into the skin through the pores while showering, and it will provide a protective coating to the skin.

SHOWER SHORTS:  Using a pair of mid-thigh or knee length underwear or shorts while in the shower will protect the femur bone in the thigh, which controls the calcium-magnesium balance in the body.  If none are available, keep the thighs from the direct hit of the water.images

SHOWER:  Allow the cold water to hit your feet, bottoms and tops, and then the rest of your body, including your face, but not your whole head.  Massage as you move in and out from the cold water.  Pay special attention to the lymph nodes under the armpits to help prevent colds. Women should massage the breasts under the cold water to keep circulation strong and cancer away.  Breathe deeply or chant a mantra to keep yourself going.  Start at 30 seconds, and work up to 1 minute.  Towel dry, rubbing the skin briskly.

CAUTIONS:  Cold showers are strictly for the purposes of internal health and are not meant to replace warm showers or baths.  Those who have circulatory problems or other medical conditions should get medical advice before using hydrotherapy.  Pregnant women or women in their menstrual cycle should not take cold showers.