The little ones get so many gifts from grandparents…and yoga can be one of them.

Patti Lucchesi has been sharing yoga with her young grandchildren for years.  She uses the Radiant Child Yoga program with them.  They sit with eyes closed and meditate.  They stretch like fish in the ocean.  They partner up and do “window washing” with hands pressed to their partners—a meditative exercise where they “feel” where the hands want to go, sometimes one partner is leading, sometimes the other.  And sometimes—no one is leading.  This is an experience we call “getting into the flow.”  Children can do this so naturally, and this exercise helps them realize what the flow is!73327_505999636141526_830389800_n

Patti knows all this and that is why she shares it with her fortunate grandchildren.  Take a look at the inspiring video she made with her children singing the Radiant Child songs and doing yoga.

In getting permission to post this video, I contacted Patti’s daughters.  One of them, Dena, had this to say:  “My daughters and I have loved your music.  I heard it for the first time during my prenatal yoga  I got the CD and my 2 year old (at the time) Evie, and I listen to it all the time in the morning to keep centered.  Elianna – who is 2 now can be found singing the tune around the house, and she has been hearing them since my belly.”

So lovely to see how the yoga and music has been woven into these children’s lives.   Thank you to the parents, and to Grandma Patti!!