If you’ve ever had a back problem so bad it took you 5 minutes to get off the couch.  Or your neck was so tight that it caused a pounding headache, or those old knees “ain’t what they used to be” when your climbing stairs….Golden Milk is for you!

The secret is what makes it golden….the wonder spice, TURMERIC.  Hint:  Save money and buy at an Asian store.

Golden Milk: Auyervedic remedy that is wonderful for the spine, lubricates the joints, helps to break up calcium deposits.  Some say it helps with cancer and diabetes too.  Here’s how to do it:

1-2 tsp. turmeric

water to cover in pan (add more if needed)

boil together to make a paste (3-5 min) then add—Image

8 oz. organic milk, dairy or non-dairy

1 tbsp. raw almond oil (optional)

honey to taste

Remove from heat at the boiling point and add honey.  You can also make a large amount of the boiled turmeric “paste” and keep it in the fridge for a month.  Use a big spoonful everytime you need it.

For a real treat, add unsweetened dark chocolate powder (Dagoba or Trader Joe’s has this).  Stir well while hot.  The chocolate adds antioxidants, is good for heart health…and it taste yummy.  Enjoy the Yogi’s version of Hot Chocolate!IMG_1340