Healthy Breasts – In the Book “Yoga for Women,” there is a series of exercises designed to stimulate the circulation of blood and vital energy through the lymphatic system. The endocrine system, which includes hormones and glands, is balanced through yoga. This is important with regard to the breasts since estrogen must be in balance with its partner hormone, progesterone, in order to function properly. Breast cancer has been linked in part to the action of a carcinogen in the presence of too much estrogen.Page Top

The following exercise, Diagonal Stretch, activates the lymphatic system through vigorous movement and powerful breathing. The pad at the base of the little finger is a reflex point that empowers the communication center of the brain. Diagonal Stretch can be done either sitting on the floor or on a chair with the spine straight and the feet flat on the floor.

1.Sit in Easy pose. Place your thumbs on the pads of the hands at the base of your little fingers. Keep the rest of the fingers straight. Extend your arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground, with the palms facing downward.

2. Alternately raise one arm up 60o from the horizontal while bringing the other arm down 60o. Inhale as the left arm goes up, and exhale as the right arm goes up. Breathe powerfully and move quickly. Continue for 1-3 minutes.Page Top

Woman demonstrating Healing Meditation yoga exerciseHealing Meditation – The healing mantra Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung (the “a” in the first part of the mantra sounds like mama) translates as “Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinite – I am Thou.”

To practice, sit in Easy pose with a straight spine. Bend the elbows and draw them into the sides of the rib cage. The palms of the hands face upward and are as flat as possible creating a pressure at the wrists, and tipped at a 45o angle outward to the sides Close your eyes and focus between the eyebrows. Repeat the mantra once on each breath. Feel the navel pull in slightly on the first Sa and on Hung. This is a strongly-voiced, powerful chant that uses all the breath for each repetition.

Continue the meditation for between five and 30 minutes. Then inhale, hold the breath, and focus your healing energy toward the person(s) that you are concentrating on for healing. Then relax quietly for a minute.Page Top 

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