Here in my part of the world we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I’d like to share some ideas I have for celebrating this wonderful time of year, and it won’t be a craft project about making paper turkeys!  I find it curious that the idea of setting aside a time of the year for Giving Thanks ends up translating as eating turkeys.  Not much to give thanks for there if you happen to be a turkey!

Thanksgiving does, however, provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what we appreciate, and even to find ways to appreciate those things that are more challenging to us.  It has often been said that Love and Appreciation are the same energy.  Dr. Emoto of Messages from Water attached the words “Thanks and Love” to a bottle of ordinary water.  After it froze, he looked at the crystal formation under the microscope and saw this beautiful diamond-like pattern.

from Emoto's Messages from Water

So since Love and Appreciation are what Thanksgiving is all about, here are a couple of Thanksgiving ideas for increasing that beautiful energy with yourself, your family, and your work with children:

1.  Thankful ball:  Stand in a circle with a large physiotherapy ball (if you don’t have one, any size will do).  As each person holds the ball, they say outloud something they are thankful for.  Then they bounce it to someone else.  Going around the circle several times allows for deeper levels of appreciation.

2.  By appreciating your own health, you increase it!   Sing this song to yourself and teach it to your children:

Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well (2X)

I’m so glad, every little cell, every little cell is happy and well. (2X)

(Tune is like Mama’s little baby loves shortnin.  Also same tune as Happy Jio from my Happy CD.  Thanks to Lilias for reminding me of this great little song at the Yoga Alliance Conference!)

Inviting you as a reader to share more ways to bring forth Love and Appreciation!  Feel free to comment….let’s grow Thanksgiving into a 365 day event!