In my thesaurus, the word blessing means everything from benediction to good wishes.  In this little exercise, blessing means loving, healing, honoring, celebrating, and appreciating every part of you.

Use the touch of your hands and your spoken or silent words to bless yourself.   If there are other parts of your body that you wish to bless in addition to those given in this exercise, feel free to do so.  This blessing, originally given by my teacher, Yogi Bhajan, was meant to be done upon waking in the morning, and in the evening.  You can also use it as a deep relaxation anytime.

Upon waking:

•  In the first three minutes that you become awake, bless your head, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, throat, chest, arms, and belly.

•  Bless your good thoughts.  Talk to your soul.  Feel it and thank it.

In the evening:

•  For five minutes, bless your ten toes and fingers, earlobes, and tops of the ears.

•  Bless your good deeds of the day.

•  Everything in your being is being moved by your spirit.  Talk to it and befriend it.

Blessings to all….