Having a successful Day 1 of The Cleanse (www.thecleanse.com).  Finding it a relief to know what I am going to eat and drink and what I am not.  No temptation, just focus and appreciation for the flavors of super-healthy foods.

Today I had the Master Cleanser, some fresh pineapple, fresh pressed orange and grapefruit juice–and all before noon!  You get pretty full on this cleansing diet!  Lunch and dinner were the same (more energy efficient that way)–green salad with edamame, roasted millet with water-sauteed onion, garlic, ginger and asparagus tips. Desert is allowed–as long as you stick to the rules.  So I soaked raw pecans, walnuts and whirled them up in the food processor with some organic maple syrup, topped off with a sprinkling of raw coconut.  Just a bite or two (or three!) after each meal and I am satisfied.  I think that is what I really discover on this diet–the food is pure, you put your energy into it while planning and preparing it, and naturally enough–it is more satisfying than you can guess…you have to try it to know!

Roasted Millet with Trinity Roots and Asparagus

Make in advance: water-sauteed onion, garlic ginger, finely chopped (sauteed, but instead of oil, a small amount of water in the pan.)

1 cup millet, dry roasted in frying pan, until toasted.  Add 3 cups purified water

Add herbs of your choice:  basil and parsley work well

Cooked covered on med until boiling, then turn to med/low until flakey

Water sautee Asparagus tips (about 2 inches) in small amount of water or steam.

Add all together, add virgin olive oil and small amount of Bragg’s Aminos (like light soy sauce)

Makes enough for 4.