Am enjoying the expansive beauty of my hotel room in Palm Springs CA, a valley– or more accurately–a desert oasis completely surrounded by mountains.  As I write I can hear the rush of  the waterfalls that surround the hotel.  The soothing sound filters into the balcony of my room on the sixth floor, where I have a great view of the lush green golf course and granite mountains in the distance. Ahhh…… moment of respite from the intensive life as a traveling yoga teacher, then on to Yoga Yoga in Austin TX later today for the exciting new course offering, Yoga for Children with ADHD and Autism.

But back to today….today is the leaving day for the first Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference.  Though there are many improvements that will be made as this becomes an annual event, it has been a courageous and exhilarating first step toward the vision of creating community among the many thousands of dedicated  registered yoga teachers (RYTs) around the USA and internationally.

My favorite thing about the YA Conference is that it did not succumb to the ideas of yoga culture and yoga stars, as many yoga conferences seem to do.  It was completely focused on us regular folks….Those of us who bend and twist, and those who do more meditating than bending.  Those who have been in this path for 40 years and those who are newly trained teachers. Those who have lead hundreds of people from a stage, and those who prefer to teach a few in the quiet of their own home.  What we had in common was the thread, or sutra, of yoga as life, yoga as consciousness, yoga as becoming Self.

Toward the vision of community, the forum during breakfast allowed a sharing space for anyone’s ideas and opinions to be expressed, though maybe there should have been a time limit per person as some were long-winded!  But in any case, the dedicated Yoga Alliance organizers held a space for all to express and be, and without trying to, were a truthful example of what yoga is about.

View from my room

I’ll be looking forward to the next YA conference.  RYT-200s and 500s—be there or be square!