Most of the time, field trips are about leaving a school and going somewhere.  Our Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour certification field trip consisted of thirteen children-loving, yoga-inspired women, going to the local middle school to share yoga with the kids.

The energy was charged with excitement as we walked into the thick-matted wrestling room with its echoing high-ceilings. The first thing I noticed (and many of my students felt it too), was that the kids were less charged with excitement as we were, so there was a little internal adjustment to that.

I did a 15 second mental assessment: “Ok, so this is what we have:

1.a clump of 12-year-old boys in the corner looking suspiciously at us as though we are going to ‘make’ them do something they don’t want to.

2.  A few twittering girls who, while fairly unfocused, look open to what we might present.

3.  One boy in a wheelchair (I know him from last year, and he goes along with the flow)

4.  A couple of boys doing their own thing.

The first thing I did was ask who had done yoga with me before (I have taught at this school several times in the past few years).  A few hands went up.  “What do you remember?”  Spaghetti test was the one thing fondly remembered.

IMG_2036So…”Before we do spaghetti test, let’s do some warm-ups.  Spread arms and legs for Touchdown (from the Yoga Warrior cards).  When you touch the opposite leg, shout out your favorite football team.”  The sound of “Steelers!” was the unanimous choice, and rang  rhythmically through the room.

With the success of Touchdown, we went on to arm swings with naming baseball teams etc.  By this time, suspicions were in the process of melting, the clump was spreading out, and everyone was engaged.

Lying down for spaghetti test, the children waited to be checked to see if they were “cooked”, i.e. relaxed arms and legs that were like cooked spaghetti.  I noted a thanks to the Universal Flow as I saw each one of the thirteen women choose one or two children to “test” and engage with.  IMG_2011

Each of the teachers then partnered with a child or two to create a yoga pose/exercise that would showcase each group as the yoga teacher for that pose.  It was so much fun for me to watch the RCF Yoga Teachers having so much fun with the students. And the students were having fun too. Everyone was so creative and the energy in the room so loving and enthusiastic, I almost did not want to bring it to an end.

IMG_2039IMG_2031As each group shared their creation for us all to try,  smiling and laughing abounded–from teachers and  students.  Check out our slide show to bring a smile to your own face! We ended with the healing rock game and each student got to choose a rock using their meditative mind, their intuition.  Eyes were closed, and the inner knowing was accessed, or at least there was a planting of seeds for this knowing to become real.

I believe this is the path of yoga for kids.  We teachers are planting seeds and the planting itself is so fulfilling.    And we can know beyond a doubt… truly know… that the flowers that grow from this planting are perennial. IMG_2052