Just spend a beautiful week at Kripalu teaching my new favorite course, Happily Ever Now.    This course explores what we do with our minds and hearts at each moment–not in a psychological way–but feeling and noticing the energy with which we approach life.  Then after the noticing….and allowing the gift in what we notice…we find ourselves letting go of judgement about ourselves.  This is the most freeing part.  It allows us to drop all the “shoulds” and go with our guidance.  Once the internal guidance kicks in life becomes really fun.  You find yourself in the flow.  

We had fun in this class because that was the intent of the class.  And yet people grew into new areas too.  So did I.  Having the intent to feel good in the Now, and go with the feeling of that into the future does produce desired growth.  There is the intention of discovering your feeling place of feeling good.  There is no goal to press forward into, to stress about, to “make happen”.

And that, my friends, is the key to being Happily Ever Now.  It is always Now.  Why not enjoy it as much as you can?  And when you cannot, make peace about it, and you will find yourself moving into something better. This is what I love to share with you in my courses because I am so appreciative that I have found this work, this blessed work that is also play!