I can’t say it is the new age coming that is causing upheavel on every level.  It could be there is a ripeness right now to review my patterns, reactions, inner dialogue.  It could be there is a ripeness to find that small place, a fire as tiny as two twigs, a heart that knows something it catches only a glimpse of.  If I am still enough, patient enough, sincere enough it has the possibility to grow into a blaze.  It could be there is a ripeness in the dead of winter, a fire in the hearth that starts with a tiny blue flame peaking in and out among the ashes of the old.

It makes perfect sense that these yearnings to drop the old and vision the new come in late December, when all the energy is winding down, and at the same time is winding up all the pieces of the year before.    This time of the year with all its mad shopping, great bargains, before and after holiday sales has slipped in under the radar inside my brain, has commercialized itself as a personal affirmation….no, call it what it is–a slogan–and that inner slogan is  “Everything Must Go”.

Everything meaning–self-recrimination and self-importance…two sides of the same coin really.  Two for the price of one…Everything must go!

Everything meaning–communication for anything other than feeling good in an authentic way, a way that translates to others so that they feel good.  Everything that feels bad…must go!

Everything meaning–the old idea that someone should do something to make me happy.  “Jees, Shakta”, my inner self says…”You teach this stuff!  You gotta know that no one needs to do anything to make you happy.”  Everything must go–and this one is reduced by 90% for quick sale!

And finally, but most important…self-love, self-acceptance.  “I am where I am and where I am is fine, dear sweet self, because it is where I am.  I can’t change it, but it will change, and it is all part of the path of Me.”  This one’s a keeper. Yes, I’d like it gift-wrapped, thanks!