Just thinking about how I have coped with my “hate routine” personality trait. More than coped, there are times that I have found it a virtue.gift

When I learned Numerology, and found out that my “gift” number is 5, it was a relief to discover that one of the traits of 5  is “Don’t fence me in!”. Somehow just finding out that it was part of my nature, helped me to see it positively.

I had always envied those who were naturally self-disciplined and viewed my fluctuating tendencies as a weakness.  And as is the way of things, I have been married 35 years to someone who LOVES “good for you” routines, and has no trouble adding them to his already long list of healthy habits.  Hard not to compare…

To some who know me,  I seem very self-disciplined,  but it doesn’t come naturally.  I have had to work at it, and it has had to work for me.  Here is my secret, in case you share this quality…

india mandalaI have to find joy in what I do, or I feel false in it.  Then I don’t want to do it. I am an “in the moment” type of person.  Most of the time, this works for me.  But sometimes I need a stabilizing energy, especially for my morning Sadhana practice, where I am setting myself for the day.

My Sadhana secret is that I have a variety of  “go-to’s” for inner connection.  I have 6 or 8 Kundalini Yoga sets I love.  I have about 10 Lee Holden Qi Gong DVDs, lots of Abraham videos and audios, guided meditations, like Present Moment Awareness, or chanting meditations that I love to do.  So the combinations are fairly endless.  And I am always finding new helpers for my practice.  Sometimes a helper is just a walk in the woods, chanting or breathing.  Or coloring a mandala.  Or reading a few paragraphs from an Osho book.  Or writing in my journal from the perspective of my Self talking to me.  I am constantly finding new connectors for myself, my Self.

And I stop during the day or evening to find my way to what speaks to me, even if it is for only 10 minutes.  Just to reconnect.

So if you are a “5” type (BTW you can find your numerology here, or take a course with me sometime), or even if you have no 5’s but you recognize this same trait, try this:

Notice what makes you happy and centeredimages-4

Gather up all the parts that help you.

Trust that you know what you need.

Choose the ones that speak to you.

Start your day right, with Self Connecting practices, custom tailored to you-in-the-moment.

Find a few moments during the day  to re-connect, in whatever way speaks to you.

I hope this helps.  We 5’s have to stick together!