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I made a video of myself dancing in the kitchen because it happened spontaneously.  I contemplated whether to do it or not because I was just hanging around my kitchen, no special clothing, no fixing of the hair, no make-up.  And I decided that it was good to make the video just the way I was.   I did this because because we all struggle with wanting to appear a certain way to the world, and the media has cashed in on that idea.

Instead I was just having a lot of fun, the way I do when I am feeling good, and I wanted to share it to inspire others to have fun…

When you get to the end of this life, that is the only thing that will be of importance—how much joy you felt, what good use you put your life to—and I don’t mean serving others because that comes naturally from a place of joy—but it is not the goal.  The goal is joyful life.  This is a belief worth having in my opinion!

Then I heard from one of my students, who is a heart-centered teacher of Radiant Child Yoga, and who is committed to her own spiritual growth.  She was touched by this video and said:

“I  just want you to know that you speak to my heart.  If you didn’t know I was struggling this week you have great timing.”

And I replied:

I feel the way it works is that we are all synchronistic beings, but most of the time we as a humanity are not aware of the synchronicity.  It could go something like this—I might not know specifically what is happening with you energetically, but because we have agreed (on a soul level, or superconscious level) to be tuned in together, we can feel the synchronicity.

The only reason you (or me, or anyone) might struggle, is because you are believing something that your soul doesn’t believe—so there is conflict.  Your true being knows your value and when you devalue yourself, there is a gap of credibility.  This gap makes you feel bad, even if you are not aware of it consciously.

lighten up
I am really enjoying studying with a channeled teacher called Bashar.  One funny thing he says is, we take on beliefs that are other people’s ideas about us or about how life works.  We do that very early in life so we don’t even know it is happening.  We think this is just the way it is.  He says this is why it feels so heavy, because you are dragging around this baggage that isn’t even yours!  So don’t steal other people’s beliefs, Bashar says,….don’t be a BELIEF THIEF!! Ha ha….
Drop what others have said is the way to be, no shoulds.  Let yourself feel who you are and what you want to do—and if judgements come up, realize they are old “recordings” that you just picked up somewhere along your life.  Remember, you don’t want to carry around other people’s beliefs…it gets so heavy!

 Lighten up and tell yourself “I’m not going to be a belief thief!  I’m going to find out what I, my true self, believes about this situation.”

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