DSCN3242“The Other” can be defined as anyone who is not me, the unit consciousness that I experience myself as. I believe that for us as conscious human beings to step into the work in the Aquarian Age, there cannot be any separation between us and anyone else. There cannot be any “other”.

How can we experience a state of oneness? A good start is with the Witness. Come out of your mind and witness yourself thinking, planning, imagining, fabricating possible scenarios in the future, colored by the past. Notice how much (or how little) of the time you are actually living right now. Notice your perspective, your judgments and assessments of people and situations, your strongest beliefs that are behind those judgments and stories. Don’t analyze them by thinking “Oh that’s because my mother always told me I wasn’t any good at doing such-and such.” The analysis is another mental trap.

First it is just enough to notice, i.e. observe without judgment, what is the strongest beliefs we have about ourselves and others. Then, little by little, we test the waters of giving up our identity with our mind, our perspective, our beliefs. We do this tentatively at first, then as we see the joy and freedom that ensues from relaxing the ego grip, we are more and more willing to let go and just see what life brings. Possibly we begin trusting life implicitly, knowing there is nothing life can bring that cannot be used for our highest good.

The True Meaning of Human Being

imagesHuman Being means hu equals light, man is mind and being is simply what it says: the state of “isness” or beingness. In our highest consciousness, we are truly and simply human beings.

When we realize that every person on this planet has the potential to live as “light-minded beings”, the possibility of even subtle forms of separatism, and superiority are removed. We include instead of exclude. We realize that circumstances and other people have as much to teach us as we have to teach them. We become students of life. Life becomes very exciting knowing that each moment holds a golden opportunity to grow, become, and be who we really are. There are no extraneous moments of life; the key to the infinite is in the precious hands of this instant, this eternal Now.

Eliminating the Other Within

images-1When life brings us something we don’t like it is easy to feel that things are not fair, not right. And we resist either in anger or bear it with sadness and grief/depression. This creates a separation within us, as though there is someone else (God? Life?) who is doing something to us.   We become separate even from ourselves as we play out a part in our own created play. If there truly is no “other” then everything comes to us as an opportunity to grow more fully into ourselves. What happens if instead of believing there’s a God outside of us who has determined the events in our lives, we trust that it was our own life wisdom that brought these situations so we can become more fully who we are? Can we then learn from our own life situations without guilt, blame, but with responsibility–the ability to respond?

Let’s just play with this for a minute: no God outside us. We create our life to be as we want it to be by our beliefs, which translate into vibratory energy, the energy of creation. We are consciously aware of ourselves as “light-mind beings” beaming and radiating outward and drawing life circumstances toward us based on our beliefs.   If our beliefs are unconscious, it gets tricky. Then it seems like we have nothing to do with the way things go in our lives, and things just happen to us.

When we pray, what are we doing? Directing our mental beam toward an intention, with 100% trust that it is manifesting at the very moment we project it? How can it not then? If we are begging a God who is outside of us to help us without the understanding that we are the God we are beseeching, what can manifest from that kind of prayer? What vibratory energy does that prayer contain?

These are questions we can ask ourselves. It only matters what we do at each moment with our vibration, because that is how we affect our world, our life. Each future and past are created and recreated by what we do in the present.

GOD powerDispelling the illusion of God outside–what does that mean? Inside and outside are an illusion actually. We are consciousness and the body exists as a form within the formless. The consciousness is infinite; it is God. And God is the vibration of its acronym: G–the generating energy O- the organizing energy, D–the destroying, destructuring energy.

Remember the line “What you see is what you get?” It can also be explained as “what your vibratory frequency is attuned to is the reality you will experience.”

Do you want to dispel the illusion of separation between you and everyone else, between you and the things that seem to just happen to you that create pain, between you and your perception of God? It is possible to awaken from this illusory dream, or rather it is inevitable, because God, or All That Is, is our natural state of being, and eventually every soul will experience this and know.

Nanak’s Main Message

images-3Let’s get down to the primal level. What was the primary message of Guru Nanak, the original teacher of the Sikh Path?

Ek Ong Kar: Creator/Creation are One. In energy language this translates as the energy of manifestation and the energy of that which manifests are the same one thing. The experience of this knowing brings about—

Sat Nam: The Name, or the vibratory frequency of Truth or alignment with All That Is. The experience of this frequency brings about—

Siri Wahe Guru: The experience of this energy is the highest (Siri) expression of bliss (Wahe) that is the light (ru) that dispels all darkness (gu).

So Guru is that which takes you into the light, or vibratory frequency of merger with All That Is. And dispels the darkness, which is a misunderstanding of the true nature of being, or can be described as the belief in the illusion of separation.

Being present means realizing the truth of each moment, without any fear clinging from the past, nor any projections of hopes into the future. Understanding Guru Nanak’s message in this present moment of enlightened energy brings us to the realization that what he was saying is all there is to say, and what he experienced in the moment that those words came forth is forever here for us all to experience…moment by moment and breath by breath.images-4