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Lumina noticed with frustration, that it was sometimes harder to do Radiant Child yoga at home with her own children than it was with her students in a class. Kids know just how to push their parent’s buttons so easily. So Lumina set out to discover what would make Family Yoga more consistent in her family of four. With her husband Rene and her children age 6 and 4, Lumina began a challenge to do Family Yoga together for 40 days. They began on September 26 and slowly crossed days off after each practice. At first she was the main engine driving the progress, but soon her children began to take ownership and responsibility for the goal ahead. They tracked their days with a hand drawn chart, placed a sticker for each day, and decided a new board game would be their prize. The children asked if they could have a turn leading the yoga each night, so every night they rotated who was up front. They developed a simple format that kept the daily ritual short but consistent. The short format was to have an Opening Song (Adi Mantra, Ong Namo), 3 postures, a meditation, and a Closing Song (Longtime Sun). By Day 40, everyone had decided that Family Yoga was the best part of the day, a time when things slowed down, devices turned off, and they looked in each other’s eyes. After a dance party on Day #40, they purchased the new game, and then, they decided to just keep going. Now they are aiming for 80 days on their way to a big goal of 120 days.

You can follow their journey to 120 days on Lumina’s Facebook page: LuminaInfinite, and her Instagram account @luminainfinite. A longer version of this story with more takeaways from their 40 day journey is on her blog at

Lumina is a certified Early Childhood Educator and art teacher who teaches at Dandelion Montessori and also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher who trained with Checka Antifonario and Shakta Khalsa. She is so grateful for Shakta’s example of activism, teaching peace and honoring children to help our planet.