Course Catalog

Our trainings are purposeful, playful and accessible to anyone wishing to impact the lives of children.

We also know that you are the yoga! Your self-care and personal growth are as valuable to the children as the tools you bring them.  

All of our courses can be taken independently or as part of our 95 and 200-hour certification programs. Work at your own pace. Study what interests you most.

Self-Guided, Virtual, and In-Person Options make our courses flexible, practical, and affordable.

Course TitleHours
Hybrid (In-Person & Online Option) Coursework
Foundations of Children’s Yoga30
Yoga for Neurodivergent Youth (Click to register)20
Functional Asana (Click to register)6
Virtual/Online (Zoom) Coursework
Calm Assertive Loving Communication Skills10
Emotional Balance Through the Chakras (Click to register)6
The Art of Connection (Deep Listening)5
Self-Guided (On-Demand) Coursework 
Fundamental Yoga Pose Mechanics (part of the 12 hour Asana coursework)4
Basic Anatomy & Physiology (part of Functional Asana, the 12 hour coursework)2
Science of the Mind-Body Connection6
Choose Happy5
Chair Yoga6
Women’s Yoga6
Somatic Movement for Increased Mobility4
Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing5
Yoga Philosophy & History20
Yoga Mythology7
Babies, Toddlers & Families5
Classroom Yoga5
Teen Yoga5
Your Yoga Business5
Additional Certification Elements
Student Teaching10