imagesContinuing the Legacy of Mandela

What an auspicious time for the light of Radiant Child to be shining in South Africa, right at this very minute!  At this time when the world’s attention goes to the passing of the beloved Nelson Mandela, leaders from all over the world are gathering to pay tribute.  It feels so good to know that in our own small way, Radiant Child Yoga is contributing to the elevation of South Africa through empowering young people in the principles and experience of yoga.

B-Striebig-IMG_94127-1Enter Lisa Brodrick, a tuned-in, devoted, accomplished yoga teacher and trainer for Radiant Child Yoga, and most of all–an exquisitely beautiful soul.  Lisa is presently in South Africa with the expressed purpose to spread yoga in areas that would not easily have that opportunity.  Radiant Child Yoga is collaborating with Global Camps, a non-profit org that brings kids out of the hardships of their lives, and teaches them how to stay HIV safe and connected to their greatness.

Do your heart good and watch this 30 second video of South African youth tuning in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo  

The following is an excerpt from Lisa’s blog, Joy Republic:

You will want to read everything she’s written, trust me.  Here are some previews:

“I did not know yoga could be for black people.”


Before this knowing yoga, I had a lot of conflict in my life…I thought the conflict was outside of me.  Now I know the conflict is within me.  And I have the power to change that which is within me….”

Image 1

 “I’ve felt a paradigm shift. I always thought I had to be sad to connect with my inner self. Now I have a way to connect inside without being sad.”

After spending time teaching yoga in Africa, meeting the people, visiting orphanages, ghettos, Africa represents to me a place of mostly untapped potential.  The power of that potential, once freed, is beyond imagination.  I think of a slingshot… the hardships that a people have endured has created a deeply pulled back stretch.  Can you imagine the height and the power of the release?

Freedom to live in all the glory that growth has brought you?  The wisdom that experiences…both positive and negative.. have brought you to?

Freedom, at last, to be.  Mandela embodied this.shaktakids.jpg

Thank you Lisa, from the bottom of my heart.  And thank you Madiba….Nelson Mandala….from the depth of my soul.