Do you know anyone who could use an “attitude change”?   Take this tip from a five-year-old who knows what works!
I was meeting with Reva Hamilton, a good friend and Brain Gym/Polarity/all kinds of wonderful alternative healthcare practitioner.  She works with children individually and in groups with brain-body coordinating.  As we drank tea in a restaurant, we discussed what she would be presenting as a guest teacher for the Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour training this summer in Northern VA (

We laughed together as she told me this story:  One of her students, a kindergardener, was noticing her mother was out of sorts.  She applied what she had learned from Reva and advised her mother, “Mom, you need to change your attitude.  Here–do this!”  And she proceeded to show her Positive Points from Brain Gym, along with eye tracking side to side. Positive Points technique is done with fingertips lightly hold acupressure points along the mid- forehead.  This brings in the positivity.  The eyes track slowly side to side at the same time get the two sides of the brain synched. And of course, breathing is important!