2016 Numerology: Align with the Frequency of your Preference

Reprinted with permission from Nam Hari Kaur, Akara Numerologist Training Begins Now! The calendar year of 2016 is an unusual time on planet Earth, and the month of January is the beginning of our training in this unique energy field. It is a year of intensities and extremes, along with the opportunity to make a [...]

Numerology Wisdom for Heading into 2016

My friend, Nam Hari Kaur, is one of the best Numerologist around.  Here's what she has to say about December 2015 and onward into 2016.  And BTW... you can learn Yogic Numerology when you come to Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour teacher training! The month of December is a time to rest and regroup for [...]

Wings for 2014

Cozy CD, Yoga for Children My Godson, GuruFateh Singh, whose photo is on the cover of the Cozy CD, and who sings beautifully along with his sister, Siri Kirpal (my Goddaugher), created this special drawing when he was about 6 or 7. I've always loved it--the cheerful, can do anything attitude of the [...]

September Numerology: Remember Your Self

I have learned a lot from Nam Hari Kaur, a good friend and author of Akara Numerology, which is the essential piece of work I use when teaching Yogic Numerology courses. Thought you might like some good "September Remember" points from her latest blog piece: September unfolds a time of heightened sensitivity in the areas [...]

Numerology Forecast for March (Number 3…Positive Mind)

From my friend and fantastic Kundalini Numerologist (Akara Numerology), Nam Hari Kaur, Read it and laugh....and be forewarned to pay attention! If you enjoy drama and intensity, you need to look no further than the month of March for a heaping dose of both! The number 3 (March) is the Fire Element, and there is [...]

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November Numerology Report

I've known Nam Hari Kaur since the late 1970s.  She is one of the best Numerologists!  Here's what she has to say about November, including the auspicious 11/11/11. Here we are as a humanity, shifting into one of the most pivotal points on planet Earth in recorded history. November 11, 2011 marks the beginning of [...]

Yoga Numerology Birthday Present

Tomorrow, September eleventh, is my birthday.  It was my birthday, and millions of others birthdays before (and since) becoming an infamous day.  So I while I send love and light for peace in our world…. I still love to celebrate my birthday! I have a lot of friends who are born in September.  It seems [...]