Yoga Dog: Come Along if you Feel that Happiness Is the Truth

The word that occurs for the way I'm feeling with the Yoga Dog Kickstarter  that launched today is-- EUPHORIA.  After two years of discussion and planning, and great chunks of time when other projects put Yoga Dog in the doghouse---here I am with Jennifer Foster, founder of Kids Wellness Alliance, a kid's "edutainment" company founded on [...]

Wings for 2014

Cozy CD, Yoga for Children My Godson, GuruFateh Singh, whose photo is on the cover of the Cozy CD, and who sings beautifully along with his sister, Siri Kirpal (my Goddaugher), created this special drawing when he was about 6 or 7. I've always loved it--the cheerful, can do anything attitude of the [...]

Calling all Children’s Yoga Teachers

Rainbow Dragon game Greetings dear friends and fellow colleagues in the ever-rewarding, and ever-challenging line of work we call Children's Yoga! You know how satisfying it is when you really understand the art of something?  When you start with children's yoga, you may walk into the class clutching your written lesson plan.  And [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class

First of a series!  New Radiant Child Yoga teachers describing their first experiences, getting over the "hump" of teaching children yoga.  Photos included!  My comments to them are in caps below.  I figure... everyone can get into the fun and learn some new skills along the way. All has been offered with permission from these [...]

Hearing Again..and for the First Time

@ 1970 In the sixth decade of my life I have done something good for myself, something that probably had its roots in my second decade of life.  This was the decade of the Dawning of us age of Aquarius-ers and we loved our loud music....loved hearing the nuances of each note of [...]

Anywhere, Anytime School Yoga

Yoga is not what most people think it is.  It is not about mats and holding postures.  Truly folks, when you take a deep breath before going into a business meeting, you are doing yoga.  Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere---schools included.  No mats needed. Everyone knows that teaching children to self-calm, self-regulate, and self-love [...]

Thinking is What Makes It So

How wonderful it is that we are becoming a society of parents and teachers who share wisdom treasures with our children!  It is a new generation, growing up as Who They Are (capitals on purpose!). This song from the Cozy album came from my creativity.  And the inspiration came from two of my favorite teachers; [...]