Yoga Dog: Come Along if you Feel that Happiness Is the Truth

The word that occurs for the way I'm feeling with the Yoga Dog Kickstarter  that launched today is-- EUPHORIA.  After two years of discussion and planning, and great chunks of time when other projects put Yoga Dog in the doghouse---here I am with Jennifer Foster, founder of Kids Wellness Alliance, a kid's "edutainment" company founded on [...]

Log Roll Yoga for ADHD and Autism

Bundle Roll for Strong Nerves We all know that exercise in general is good for children.  But did you know that yoga has  poses and exercises that specifically work  with different body systems?   For children with Sensory Integration difference, like ADHD and Autism,  the key is balancing and strengthening the nervous system. [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class, Part 3

Radiant Child Yoga Teacher TrainingPatricia Creola, RCY Training done in Zurich/Switzerland in June 2013I am currently based in South India where I teach yoga and meditation to children at a charity nursery and school. At the moment the group consists of up to 30 children aged 4. Next year we plan to take also children [...]

Calling all Children’s Yoga Teachers

Rainbow Dragon game Greetings dear friends and fellow colleagues in the ever-rewarding, and ever-challenging line of work we call Children's Yoga! You know how satisfying it is when you really understand the art of something?  When you start with children's yoga, you may walk into the class clutching your written lesson plan.  And [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class, Part 2

Children's Yoga Lesson Plan by Charansev Kaur Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training 1-3, BUDAPEST, June 2013  *Shakta's notes in caps below; all materials from RCY store This yoga lesson was carried out in a children’s yoga camp in Kecskemet. Sessions are between 60-75 minutes. Background: We led a week Radiant Child Yoga camp for 26 [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class

First of a series!  New Radiant Child Yoga teachers describing their first experiences, getting over the "hump" of teaching children yoga.  Photos included!  My comments to them are in caps below.  I figure... everyone can get into the fun and learn some new skills along the way. All has been offered with permission from these [...]

Field Trip: Planting Yoga Seeds

a Most of the time, field trips are about leaving a school and going somewhere.  Our Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour certification field trip consisted of thirteen children-loving, yoga-inspired women, going to the local middle school to share yoga with the kids.The energy was charged with excitement as we walked into the thick-matted wrestling room with [...]

One Student’s Experience with ADHD/Autism Yoga Training

From: Beth M. Radiant Child Yoga Home Practicum Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism, and those who are Differently-Abled Training in New York City, February 2013 I would like to share my personal practice of yoga and meditation with you. During the past few years, I have reconnected with my personal practice of yoga and [...]

Moving into New Territory: Yoga for Children with ADHD & Autism

Andrea B. is a parent and Occupational Therapist in the New England area.  With her permission, we are sharing her follow-up practicum to her RCY children's yoga training. Personal growth after studying Yoga for Children with ADHD/Autism with  Shakta Khalsa and Allison Morgan, April 2013 Andrea: I have incorporated techniques that I have learned from [...]