Thanksgiving: Taking a Stand for All Earth’s Creatures

Ahimsa So we love yoga, and yoga is about wholeness, health, spirit, and with all that comes the opportunity to put your beliefs where your mouth is.  We say we love all creatures of Mother Earth.  Then it comes time to socialize around a meal, and this is where many turn a blind [...]

Yoga Certification? I’m Just Here for the Food!

Change your life with Radiant Child Family Yoga Certification Retreat, and most especially change your diet, for the delicious better!  Here's a recipe to take home on the house...compliments of Lisa Brodrick, our Retreat's Gormet Chef, and blogger of Inspired Veggies Avocado Cornucopia What happens when you add cruciferous vegetables to your guacamole? Something really, really [...]

Memes of Cheese

Off and on I am reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book Excuses Begone!  One fascinating piece of this books talks about memes (rhymes with 'seems').  A meme is "a thought, belief, or attitude in your mind that can spread to and from other people's minds."  In other words, memes are the entrenched thoughts and behavioral characteristics [...]

Green Grass and Happiness

Last weekend I taught Radiant Child Yoga to a wonderful group in Edmonton Canada (prairie expanse and the bluest sky ever filled with puffy super-white clouds!).  I was telling Gita, my assistant, about a boy who my husband, Kartar, and I raised for three years. His name was Hari, and he came from Harlem, in NYC. [...]

Nothing to miss, Everything to enjoy

Hope you don't mind a few posts about food....that's where my brain is these past few days.  You might be thinking "Ok, she's thinking about all the food she can't have on this 10 day cleanse."  But you would be wrong.  I don't have time to think about that.  I am so busy making Liver [...]

Fresh, Fun, Flavorful Food

Having a successful Day 1 of The Cleanse (  Finding it a relief to know what I am going to eat and drink and what I am not.  No temptation, just focus and appreciation for the flavors of super-healthy foods. Today I had the Master Cleanser, some fresh pineapple, fresh pressed orange and grapefruit juice--and [...]

Hooked on Healthy!

On  April 10th I begin my semi-annual Cleanse.  To make it more fun, I've arranged to invite all friends to come along with me for 10 days and stay supported by yummy, superhealthy food and cleansing drinks while we're blogging, FBing, about our process. My friend Deva, from offered me 10% off for everyone [...]