Parenting based on Your Yoga Practice

Speak to the Big Soul in front of you, no matter what form it comes in. To do that, you have to be the Big Soul too. Get on the same level.  Look the child in the eye, and put a smile in your eyes. Don't try to talk with a teen- or pre-teen for [...]

Field Trip: Planting Yoga Seeds

a Most of the time, field trips are about leaving a school and going somewhere.  Our Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour certification field trip consisted of thirteen children-loving, yoga-inspired women, going to the local middle school to share yoga with the kids.The energy was charged with excitement as we walked into the thick-matted wrestling room with [...]

Empowered Wings for Pre-teens

While it is fresh in my mind and heart, here is what I taught today in the local middle school program called Wings to Empowerment for 12-13 year old girls described "at risk" and  who had "challenging home lives". I walked into the wrestling room, kind of a big gym-type area with flourescent lights, lots [...]