You’ve got a Friend in Meditation

Jenny is an Radiant Child Yoga 200 hour certified teacher.  She homeschool her four children, naturally  and seamlessly blending yoga and meditation practices and principles right into their daily lives.  Here's one wonderful example in her words: Running is like a moving meditation.  And when the running gets too much to bear, the meditative mind [...]

How do You Live in Your High Heart?

In response to the question above, Karen Dabrosca, a graduate from our Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour teacher training, and a long-time health and well-being high school teacher, responded eloquently to the question I presented.  So with her permission, here is her response: “How do you live in your high heart, not your emotional [...]

Aura and Intuition Games with High Schoolers

Sharing some parts of a yoga class I did with 16-17 year olds in a school where they had been studying Hatha Yoga as part of their Health and Gym class (with a wonderful RCFY 200 hour teacher).  This was their first time doing Kundalini yoga and these  “energy” games.  Here are a few themes [...]

Empowered Wings for Pre-teens

While it is fresh in my mind and heart, here is what I taught today in the local middle school program called Wings to Empowerment for 12-13 year old girls described "at risk" and  who had "challenging home lives". I walked into the wrestling room, kind of a big gym-type area with flourescent lights, lots [...]