This Election and the Brick in My Brain

I've discovered a fiercely protective warrior within me.  It wants to protect country, world, people, animals, Mother Earth.  All the sickness going on right now in our country... I can't even articulate it. My brain does not know how to convey the understandings of how WRONG this takeover feels in my knowing heart. It turns [...]

Mary Oliver’s Shiva

For Joci and Karim, with love...which is the same as healing. Shiva Shiva, pretend you are with me as the doe in her summer red coat tiptoes       down                through the pines                           and [...]

Head Full of Amazement

Slowing down and knowing what is really important is the most important thing I am learning.  Along the road on this journey I am constantly dumping stuff along the road, things like-- "I should be doing work instead of enjoying myself." and "People are going to think I am having an on-going senior moment."  Crash, [...]

Don’t be a BELIEF THIEF!!

I made a video of myself dancing in the kitchen because it happened spontaneously.  I contemplated whether to do it or not because I was just hanging around my kitchen, no special clothing, no fixing of the hair, no make-up.  And I decided that it was good to make the video just the way I [...]

Old is the New New, post 2

Isn't it fun to see where you once were and how far you have come...and yet the Truth of the older understandings shine through still? How much you actually knew when you mostly thought you didn't know anything?  In revisiting,  wisdom shines through.  The image that goes with this feeling is one of carefully opening [...]

After Gravity….Before the Stars

I don't know if you saw the movie that came out this past November called Gravity.   The movie is beautiful and horrifying at the same time. In any case, it is not essential that you see the film in order to feel the energy of this writing. The lead-up to the poem is this-- [...]

Zing! Along

Luminous space I love meditative posts. I also like sharing ideas, techniques, how to's, lists of helpful steps for children, teachers, parents, etc.  But I REALLY like meditative posts.  And the reason is RESONANCE. My internal tuning fork zings to life when an idea emerges that is the leading edge for me. And [...]

Seed Word: Aware

Excellent post from Shakta's writing coach, David Hazard from his  blog, Live Your Fire.   Each post is about a Seed Word.  Today's word is.............. Aware Most of our lives we are distracted or bored. Our mind, and therefore our actions, are not directed but scattered. We rely on books, television, games, conversations, work, to [...]

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