The Most Important Thing is Breath

Did you know that when you take a Radiant Child Yoga training, you get personal feedback from your RCY trainer, when you submit your practicum after your first kids yoga class? Here's a sample, provided by one of our students--with class management tips! Hi Dan, Thanks for your feedback on your first Radiant Child [...]

The Mindfulness Dilemma and a Way Out

I’m puzzled with all the fanfare about “mindfulness” for both adults and kids.  Maybe it is my decades of meditative practices that has me saying “huh?”when the world is going crazy for mindfulness.  If you are being YOU, you are naturally mindful.  You don’t need to try.  If, when you are gulping down your [...]

Kindness Stones for Kids Yoga

Mari Stonestreet is a Radiant Child Yoga 200 hour teacher living in Japan.  She has family yoga classes weekly and lots of fun and important ideas for her classes.  The children and their parents have fun doing yoga together.  Then...they do meditative, heart-opening art.  Here's one project, in Mari's words: "This project was part [...]

Your Stories Needed for Book–Time Sensitive!

Dear Friends of Radiant Child, There is an opportunity to tell your story and positively affect tens of thousands of people to empower themselves and their relationships with children.  As well, your story will help empower children to be the wise, radiant, authentic beings they truly are.  My book about authentic relationships with children and [...]

My Mother, the April Fooler

My mother, Grace Meyers, was a unique person.  She could totally drive you crazy with her nagging and attention to every detail of your life.  And then again, she could be such a high-spirited, super-tuned in person, with a natural sense of humor involving the most ordinary things in life that you'd be laughing at [...]

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In the Words of a Spiritual Teacher: Who Are Children?

Yogi Bhajan, a powerful and unique spiritual teacher, was a source of guidance and inspiration for me from 1976 onward. Wisdom flowed from his mouth and from his actions at every moment. One day in 1994, Yogi Bhajan was passing through a crowd of hundreds when he stopped in his tracks as he passed me [...]

Best 200 Hour EVER!

Before I get too far along in the next phase of life, (ie. back to business, and the business of living), I'd like to take a moment to honor the latest experience of Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour certification training 2014, which took place in July and August in Reston VA, and in retreat [...]

Small in body, Grand in Spirit!

Giselle, who loves yoga! In the words of one of my Radiant Child Yoga students..... "Children show us what truth is on a daily basis, as they aren't inhibited by what standards or rules society has brainwashed us to follow. Children can giggle uncontrollably, dance like no one is watching, and question the [...]

Parenting based on Your Yoga Practice

Speak to the Big Soul in front of you, no matter what form it comes in. To do that, you have to be the Big Soul too. Get on the same level.  Look the child in the eye, and put a smile in your eyes. Don't try to talk with a teen- or pre-teen for [...]

Wings for 2014

Cozy CD, Yoga for Children My Godson, GuruFateh Singh, whose photo is on the cover of the Cozy CD, and who sings beautifully along with his sister, Siri Kirpal (my Goddaugher), created this special drawing when he was about 6 or 7. I've always loved it--the cheerful, can do anything attitude of the [...]