The Most Important Thing is Breath

Did you know that when you take a Radiant Child Yoga training, you get personal feedback from your RCY trainer, when you submit your practicum after your first kids yoga class? Here's a sample, provided by one of our students--with class management tips! Hi Dan, Thanks for your feedback on your first Radiant Child [...]

Log Roll Yoga for ADHD and Autism

Bundle Roll for Strong Nerves We all know that exercise in general is good for children.  But did you know that yoga has  poses and exercises that specifically work  with different body systems?   For children with Sensory Integration difference, like ADHD and Autism,  the key is balancing and strengthening the nervous system. [...]

Continuing the Legacy of Mandela

Continuing the Legacy of Mandela What an auspicious time for the light of Radiant Child to be shining in South Africa, right at this very minute!  At this time when the world's attention goes to the passing of the beloved Nelson Mandela, leaders from all over the world are gathering to pay tribute.  It feels [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class, Part 3

Radiant Child Yoga Teacher TrainingPatricia Creola, RCY Training done in Zurich/Switzerland in June 2013I am currently based in South India where I teach yoga and meditation to children at a charity nursery and school. At the moment the group consists of up to 30 children aged 4. Next year we plan to take also children [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class, Part 2

Children's Yoga Lesson Plan by Charansev Kaur Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training 1-3, BUDAPEST, June 2013  *Shakta's notes in caps below; all materials from RCY store This yoga lesson was carried out in a children’s yoga camp in Kecskemet. Sessions are between 60-75 minutes. Background: We led a week Radiant Child Yoga camp for 26 [...]