Occupational Therapist Speaks about Yoga

As a follow-up to the Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism training, students write about their experience working with the Radiant Child Yoga method. What follows is from Eve M, an Occupational Therapist and Radiant Child Yoga teacher: "I have been using both the meditative aspects of Kundalini Yoga as well as the asanas at [...]

Calling all Children’s Yoga Teachers

Rainbow Dragon game Greetings dear friends and fellow colleagues in the ever-rewarding, and ever-challenging line of work we call Children's Yoga! You know how satisfying it is when you really understand the art of something?  When you start with children's yoga, you may walk into the class clutching your written lesson plan.  And [...]

One Therapist’s Shift to Solution-Focus

From Alayne L-N, Physiotherapist in Montreal, and student of Radiant Child Yoga for Children with ADHD/Autism, and those who are are Differently-Abled:  "I’d like to reflect upon being thankful to Allison Morgan as an OT and RCY trainer, and the light she shed upon me as a physiotherapist to “L.E.T. G.O.”  In particular, the “E” for [...]

Asperger’s Mom’s Courageous Note

Note from Shakta: Those who attend the Yoga for children with ADHD and Autism course write a few paragraphs about how they are using what they learned, how it changed the way they work with children and any internal transformation they wish to share. Amy Goldenburg generously allowed us to reprint her profound and personal [...]

New Children’s Yoga Therapy

It is immensely pleasing to finally get around to doing my Radiant Child Yoga "homework", i.e. reading and commenting on the ever-creative lesson plans that come rolling into my inbox from RCY students after teaching in a city.  Just today, I was working on Austin TX and Millis MA course lesson plans.  As I was [...]

Yoga Super Heros Among Us

Parents and Teachers of Future Super-Heros!  Take note of this message in my inbox upon returning home from teaching the Kansas City Radiant Child Yoga training course.  During the training, we had several discussions about making  yoga relevant to the lives of the children we are teaching.  One mother took this message to heart, bought the [...]

A Little Yoga Magic goes a Long Way

It is absolutely inspiring to see the joy and focus on the faces of the children when they work with the yoga poses and exercises in a playful way.  In the training program I teach, Radiant Child Yoga, I always say that the very best discipline comes from within the child, and that happens easiest [...]

The Privilege of Being with Children

I have been having some remarkable experiences teaching children yoga.  I don't get the opportunity to teach children directly so much anymore--I mostly work with adults about children and yoga.  So I consider it a privilege when I get to spend time with these fresh new humans.  I have a class in a public school [...]

“Change your attitude, Mom!”

Do you know anyone who could use an "attitude change"?   Take this tip from a five-year-old who knows what works! I was meeting with Reva Hamilton, a good friend and Brain Gym/Polarity/all kinds of wonderful alternative healthcare practitioner.  She works with children individually and in groups with brain-body coordinating.  As we drank tea in [...]

Green Grass and Happiness

Last weekend I taught Radiant Child Yoga to a wonderful group in Edmonton Canada (prairie expanse and the bluest sky ever filled with puffy super-white clouds!).  I was telling Gita, my assistant, about a boy who my husband, Kartar, and I raised for three years. His name was Hari, and he came from Harlem, in NYC. [...]