A Few Words about Breathing

We all breathe, but do we experience breathing? On each breath comes prana, the subtle life force, carried to us by the air. The prana that comes to us when we breathe is the same energy that animates all physical matter. By making the breath slow, deep, and conscious, we make the most use of [...]

Age of Inclusivity

Think of your mind as a triangle.  There's the two lower corners that represent the polarity of negative and positive perspective. There is a sense of exclusivity in this perspective--it is either one thing or another, and never the two shall meet! Then there is the top point of the triangle that is the higher [...]

The Empty Nest and The Phoenix

This drawing, like all drawings, came from a blank piece of paper, very much like how all of our emotions, creativity, and thoughts rise up from a blank, new, empty, fresh unknown place. I was listening to an audio recording of the consciousness-expanding ideas that come from a teacher I love named Bashar.  My eyes [...]

Daily Reminder from Law of Attraction Work

From Happily Ever Now course.  Enjoy! Today no matter where I'm going, no matter what I'm doing, it is my dominant intent to look for what I'm wanting to see. I'm going to distract myself from things that trouble me. I'm going to pamper myself into alignment. I'm going to soothe myself into alignment. [...]

Practice of Peace for Adults and Children (Give-away)

Written by Shakta Khalsa, www.childrensyoga.com  As published in Aquarian Times Magazine, 2004.  Feel free to use and share.   fire in my heart How can I, as one human being, help our world? Can I create a vibrational frequency of peace within myself that radiates outward and affects our entire world? Is that [...]

The Bluebird Story Comes to Life

As some of you know, Checka Antifonario and I have made two albums* of guided meditations/relaxations for kids of all ages (including adult ones!).  One that Checka wrote, which is on Rainbow Walk  is the Bluebird story.  In the story, the child finds a baby bluebird who has fallen out of its nest.  With care, [...]

Old is the New New, post 2

Isn't it fun to see where you once were and how far you have come...and yet the Truth of the older understandings shine through still? How much you actually knew when you mostly thought you didn't know anything?  In revisiting,  wisdom shines through.  The image that goes with this feeling is one of carefully opening [...]

After Gravity….Before the Stars

I don't know if you saw the movie that came out this past November called Gravity.   The movie is beautiful and horrifying at the same time. In any case, it is not essential that you see the film in order to feel the energy of this writing. The lead-up to the poem is this-- [...]

Zing! Along

Luminous space I love meditative posts. I also like sharing ideas, techniques, how to's, lists of helpful steps for children, teachers, parents, etc.  But I REALLY like meditative posts.  And the reason is RESONANCE. My internal tuning fork zings to life when an idea emerges that is the leading edge for me. And [...]

My First Children’s Yoga Class, Part 2

Children's Yoga Lesson Plan by Charansev Kaur Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training 1-3, BUDAPEST, June 2013  *Shakta's notes in caps below; all materials from RCY store This yoga lesson was carried out in a children’s yoga camp in Kecskemet. Sessions are between 60-75 minutes. Background: We led a week Radiant Child Yoga camp for 26 [...]