Rainbow Dragon game

Rainbow Dragon game

Greetings dear friends and fellow colleagues in the ever-rewarding, and ever-challenging line of work we call Children’s Yoga!

You know how satisfying it is when you really understand the art of something?  When you start with children’s yoga, you may walk into the class clutching your written lesson plan.  And from there, you move on to glancing at reminders on index cards.  And then one day, the Force Is With You…you know what to do and you do it well.

So, every step along the way can be delightful, and build your confidence as a children’s yoga teacher.

I hear you ask; “What else is there I can bring to my tool box that will empower children to live to their fullest?  What else can I do with typical and special sensory children that will be of help to them?”

And this, my friends, is the point of this post.

I am calling you to focus now…so…

a big Balloon Breath please…


(pause at the top for a moment of stillness)

 Exhale and Relax.

Yoga is about movement, breath, focus, brain balancing, and stillness.

Brain Gym is about movement, breath, focus, brain-balancing, and stillness.

It’s only natural that a great next-step for you as a children’s yoga teachers is to learn Brain Gym, indepth, and in relation to the various children you encounter.  And, after three years of planning, I have just the person to teach it…Cecilia (Cece) Koester M.Ed., long-time educator and author of Movement Based Learning.MBL

Cece is authorized by the Brain Gym Foundation to teach Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers.  (Good to know that you don’t have to be a Special Needs teacher to take this course; it is open to all.)

The tools and new insights you will gain from Cece’s decades of experience with children, are punctuated by stories like this one from her book, I am the Child:  “Over time, Aron began to accept any Brain Gym activity I introduced, and our time together using Brain Gym became an essential part of how we communicated.  It was a thrilling moment for me when he sat on the swing in the play yard without physical prompting and imitated me by saying, “Swinging is fun!”  This eight-year-old boy had progressed from wandering around in his own private world to choosing a swing to play on.  Aron had actually learned to pick up his feet so he could swing.  He even imitated my speech!”

Brain Gym 170 in Reston VA in January, and Cece’s own training program, Movement-Based Learning,  in March, will be phenomenal upgrades to your teaching of children’s yoga. You will be a certified to use the tools of Brain Gym 170 with children and adults upon completion of the first course, and a licensed Movement-Based Learning teacher at the end of your training with the second course.  Register before Nov 15 for a discount on Brain Gym 170.

Feel free to post any questions here or email me, shakta@childrensyoga.com.  I’ll do my best to answer them, or I’ll pass them on to Cece.  I look forward to seeing your smiling face again–or for the first time–at this wonderful one-time only event.

P.S.    Check out this Brain Body Tune-up video  I created based on the Three Learning Dimensions from MBL work.   Research on Brain Gym has shown that it strengthens neural function of the brain, allowing for whole brain learning and cohesion in the mind/body/spirit of children. (Sound familiar, children’s yoga teachers?)