This is for you who love children.

imagesI was re-listening to a tarot reading I did with Victoria, the fabulous Tarot master of Kripalu Retreat center.

We were talking about coming into prominence with the work I do. The cards were showing a beautiful unfolding of positive momentum.  As well, the cards showed the challenge to that glorious path—the theme of WORRY.

Then Victoria tapped a card that she interpreted as the way out of worry, which was to bring myself back to the WORK.  “In other words,” she said, “Ask yourself–What is the purpose? Why am I doing this?”

Hearing these questions, I go to my consciousness. I go to the depth.  I suddenly see the Spirit of children.  And all at once I have the understanding that we are all children.  I understand that this is the value of what I have to share; this loving energy–this knowing– fuels the joy of who we are.

I like the line from Abraham; “You don’t go back to a time of innocence and wonder, you move forward to it as you live a life in alignment with yourself.”  This is the Work that brings me back to the children, as teachers, givers, and learners. As we all are.

 This is for you who love children….Bringing yourself back to the Work is the way out of worry.

From Radiant Child Song, Cozy/Happy Albums

From Radiant Child Song, Cozy/Happy Albums