No, I didn’t mean to say bookworm.  I like the way books warm me up, get me ready for the next bit of life down the road.  I’ve always been a reader, and I must admit that I like the feel of a book in my hands, thus no Nooks or Kindles kindle my fire.

So much do I like books that, as it turned out, I became a writer and Published Author (caps for effect!).  This has pleased me to no end.  I am happy that the Universe has seen to it that I write and it may benefit others.

I have written four how-to yoga books and one children’s picture book.  I know how to “how to” when it comes to yoga.  The last couple books, KISS Guide to Yoga, and Yoga for Women allowed me to express a lot of sensitivity, wit, and creativity.  And now I’m ready for the big transition— writing from the inside-out, from the ‘insight-out’.

The book I am working with now is about parenting the radiant spirit of ourselves and our children.  It has lots of juicy and deep pieces of my own life and experience that can draw the reader into a space of awareness if they are willing.

It can be hard to go to the level of sensitivity and depth that I feel this book is calling for. Sometimes I cannot even write.  I find myself procrastinating as badly as I did in back in high school.  Days go by, weeks,  and the agonizing sword dangles overhead.  Then I get into a zone, and it is effortless and lovely, and I am so happy to be a writer.

If reading a book warms me up, writing one sets me on fire.   Fire turns to–burns to– gratitude for the opportunity to be human and express it through words.